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Axcel International School aims to provide an education curricula that takes into account not only success in studies, but also the future careers of our pupils. Besides academic content, life skills such as financial intelligence, pitching/presentation, futuristic creativity and problem solving are included in the Axcel curriculum as a subject. We aim to blend theoretical study with practical work in order to ensure pupils’ active participation in class.

We have a team of qualified and experienced teachers & coaches who are excellent at engaging participants in class. They are specialists in their respective subjects and have conducted classes, tuition lessons, workshops and coaching.

At Axcel International School, we stress on building strong characters and discipline to ensure our students can grow into becoming responsible and upright citizens.


At Axcel International School we aim to provide a programme to develop inquisitive, independent thinkers with an insatiable love of learning. Our lessons, both within and beyond academic requirements, are created to encourage questioning, risk-taking, divergent thinking and progressive learning (learning from mistakes). We strive to instil in our students the sense of responsibility, independence and curiosity so they know learning can be exciting and invigorating through broad-based, relevant, differentiated and inclusive programmes.

The purpose of our curriculum is to provide a balanced and broad based educational experience that promotes the moral, cultural, mental and physical development of all learners and prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life; irrespective of social background, culture, race, or gender.

Through our programmes we aim to:

  • Ensure learners get broad-based, balanced and relevant curriculum that offers continuity and coherence.
  • Induct learners into essential knowledge, skills and discourse of subject disciplines and to develop speciality appropriate to aptitude.
  • Expose and prepare young people for their career choices and further education.
  • Encourage learners more aware of, and engaged with local, national and international communities.
  • Inspire learners to take responsibility for their own health and safety, and appreciate the benefits and risks of the choices they make.
  • Contribute to community cohesion.
  • Acknowledge, promote and pass on core knowledge and skills valued by society to the next generation.

A School of Character

Character Determines Success! At Axcel International School, we emphasise character education and adopt a values-based approach. Our goal is to integrate Core Virtues and Shared Values into our curriculum in which positive character is modelled and promoted both in academic and extra-curricular activities amongst students, teachers and stakeholders.

Besides the home, school is the perfect place to instil moral values. We strongly believe that through a sustained process of teaching, being shown examples of good character, and constantly practicing good character traits, as provided for in Axcel International School, your children will be equipped with the tools they need to engage and interact with other people in society. With values-based education embedded into their lives, they will be prepared to handle pressure, face the many opportunities and unknown dangers that are prevalent in today’s society. 

Through our training from ‘Character First!’ a character training institute based in the United States, the teachers who have been trained by personnel from the above mentioned institute will prepare lesson plans that promote character education and development. Teaching good character and building ethical intelligence will be part of our school’s deliberate effort in developing morally upright individuals.

Our mission in Axcel International School is to create a robust learning environment that enhances academic attainment and develop students’ social and relationship skills that will last throughout their lives.   We will focus on developing a strong ethical and positive values-based culture that permeates the school climate and curriculum. We strive to be “A School of Character”.

In Axcel International School, we ensure top class education for our students. We also collaborate with our partners like IM4U to provide the necessary infrastructure for their holistic development.

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