Academic Exchange with other Education Institutes

Malaysia Aviation Camp by MAS Academy (MABA)
December 4, 2019
Philanthropy Day – Giving Back
December 5, 2019
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Academic Exchange with other Education Institutes

Axcel International School is always actively share and learn with other education institutes. This will broaden our horizon and help our teachers and students continue to improve our learning environment. Similarly we share our good virtues with other schools as well.

For example, we are honoured to host principals and teachers from two of the top schools from #Maldives . Our students shared their learnings from the various Axcel Programme and activities held in our school. Our students also entertained them with a skit on “Merdeka Day”. Our teachers separately had sharing sessions with them , to get the best practices from both sides. Many thanks to *Jamaluddin School* and *Iskandhar School of Maldives* for visiting Axcel Campus.

Few of our Year 10 students were selected to participate in the American Degree Transfer Programme’s 3 days Summer Camp . They learned through various workshops including Engineering, Programming , Money Management , and Communication.

Year 8,9 & 10 Study Trip to University of Nottingham

Year 7 Study Trip to Tunku Abdul Rahman University College

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