Incubator 2 – Innovator in Action

Incubator-in-Action Programme

Becoming an Innovator, Entrepreneur!


“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

Steve Jobs

Extending the Incubator Programme into an “Innovation & Entrepreneur in Action” Programme – Building Something to turn Ideas into Reality! Is an advance programme after the Social Entrepreneurship.

Proposed Programme Core Pillars:

  1. Winner & Idea Inspiration
  • showcase award-winning products/projects, inventions & businesses from local competitions & around the world; group into categories & problem solving themes;
  • review & discuss by category or theme (to generate ideas in differing areas or themes);
  • invite national/international winners (students to companies), start up and successful entrepreneurs to inspire & share their winning solution/business & experience;


  1. Idea Generation & Practice (from small ideas to bigger, longer-duration projects)
  • Class in small groups generate innovation ideas based on selected problem area/theme;
  • Start with 20-30min individual group idea discussion & proposal; idea presentation to class with judging panel (teacher plus 4-6 student panel) and/or class vote to decide winning idea; prize award to top 2-3 winning ideas; “Best of the Best Ideas” Mthly/Semester Award;
  • Introduce 2-4wk idea generation/proposal by groups (giving time for research & solution development) and presentation/demo to judging panel/class to select winning teams;


  1. School Project Competition & Open Day
    • 3mth project competition by teams based on various themes;
    • School 1st Round selection/shortlisting
    • Finalists (with further guidance) to present at Competition Award Judging Day
    • Invite parents & friends to School Competition Award Judging & Prize-giving Day
    • Judging panel comprising notable external judges, school teachers & parents)
  1. Nominating & Coaching School Winners for External Award Competitions
  • Special coaching to winners and rehearsals


  1. External Award Competitions (entire process from submission, rehearsals to award judging)


  1. Incentives & Recognitions
  • Simple prizes in class to bigger competition prizes, trophy & certificates
  • Winner recognition & highlights in school communication/posters/etc
  • Special winner benefits – join special winner/entrepreneur forums, programmes & study tour to innovation centres/companies


Learning Objectives:

  1. Instil and develop young innovator, entrepreneur mind-set and skills; exposure to the world of innovation, real-world problem solving, idea-generation, commercialisation & entrepreneurship;
  2. Gain exposure/experience in preparing, pitching & competing in innovation & entrepreneur award competitions/exhibitions; engagement with the innovator/entrepreneur community;
  3. Promote project based learning to cultivate leadership, teamwork and resourcefulness;
  4. Exposing to project organization, market research, product/solution development, marketing process and commercial viability assessment;


Potential External Competitions, Forums, Facilities & Resources:

  1. Award Competitions:
    – Malaysian Invention & Design Society (MINDS) ITEX Award & Exhibition
    – MSC APICTA Award & International APICTA (school category)
    – Microsoft Imagine Cup & World Cup
    MightyMinds competition
    – International InnovaServe Awards (Taiwan)
    – Samsung, Nokia & other game/mobileapps competition
    – Other innovation competitions from other organizations/companies
  1. Inspirational Winners, Startups & Entrepreneurs
    – school category winners in various external competitions
    – startups & company winners
    – successful award-winning entrepreneurs
    – innovation/entrepreneur development entities & competition organizers
  1. Winning Solutions, Innovations & Inventions : sample source from
    – various award competitions locally or in the region
    – differing organizations (MINDS, MDec, Mosti, Pikom, IBM Smartcamp, etc)
    – Malaysia Business Angel Network(MBAN) or ASEAN network
    – universities, international academies & online sources
  1. Innovator Entrepreneur Forum, Innovation Centres & Facilities
    – National Youth Entrepreneur Conference
    – MDEC Innovation & Incubator Centre
    – MDEC entrepreneur forums, workshops & conferences
    – Multinational Innovation Centres & R&D Lab
    (Intel, Samsung, Telekom, Tenaga, Ericsson, IBM, Shell, etc)
    – various university & other programmes available in Malaysia