Axcel Signature Financial Intelligence Workshop

Team Building Day at Bukit Jalil Recreation Park
March 20, 2018
Beaver Result is out and Axcel Student Proud to Seize the Award
June 27, 2018
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Axcel Signature Financial Intelligence Workshop

This year 2018 again Axcel Campus delivered our uniquely crafted financial intelligence workshop for our students. The workshop broadly covered the below:
* Year 7 on 4&5 June for Level 1 and
* Year 8-10 on 6&7 June for Level 2.

Level 1 students learned on basic understanding of expenses, savings and importance of financial intelligence for their future.
Level 2 students learned through playing the Cash flow 101 board games , about property investment and getting out of rat race.

The workshop purpose is to build students financial intelligence regardless their future undertaking as we believe this is a key competency for their future.

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