Axcel TED Talk

Good communication and presentation skills are invaluable in the corporate business world. Presentations by students both individually and as a group are a regular feature in our classrooms. Through the regular practice of giving presentations, students learn to communicate information in an accurate and easy to understand but persuasive manner. Towards this end, Axcel Campus is a member of the Ted-Ed club, a global programme that supports students in discovering, exploring and presenting their big ideas in the form of short TED-style talks.

Below are some of the presentation performed by our students to be submitted to TED Club:

“Winning” by Loh Wern She, Year 7

“Ventriloquism” by Jojo Ooi, Year 7

“Saving sea horses” by Melody Koh, Year 7

“Making music matters” by Adrian Wong, Year 7

“Hatred” by Chloe Pang, Year 7

“Good peers, bad peers” by Emily Yeong, Year 8