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Axcel’s Homeroom Period

To nurture students holistically and as part of our mission, A.S.K Beyond Academic Excellence, our Axcel Programme were incorporated into the 20-minute homeroom period at the beginning of each day, from Mondays to Thursdays. These weekly programmes include Inspiring Guru, DEAR (Drop Everything And Read), Character First and Next Futurist.

Monday: Inspiring Guru, guides students to explore their ‘Guru’ i.e. good role models. Students are required to research and learn about their role models, understanding more about their successes as well as failures. The first quarter’s theme for Inspiring Guru were celebrities, musicians, artists, chefs and sports people.

Tuesday: The DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) programme is organised by our English teachers with the goal of inculcating good reading habits amongst students. During this weekly programme, students will be given time to read, after which they will be tested on their comprehension levels.

Wednesday: The Character First programme is aligned with our belief that attitude is the foundation to developing future leaders with good character. Every quarter, one character is chosen for students not only to learn about, but to demonstrate their understanding of the selected character through activities and skits. Students are also recognised for practicing the chosen character trait.

Thursday: Next Futurist aims to develop students’ ability to research and present on a future technology, ultimately nurturing innovative minds for the future. Students research on a wide range of future technologies, from augmented reality to artificial intelligence; the future of education to healthcare;and many others. This programme intends to prepare our students for the fourth Industrial Revolution.

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