Primary (Year 1 – 6)


Primary school years are the fundamental years to develop foundational literacy, numeracy as well as social and emotional skills. An education that is holistic, creative and flexible is the avenue to success in the fundamental years of children, preparing them to be academically, socially, emotionally and digitally competent for life.

The tagline for our Primary School of “A.S.K beyond basic foundation” represent our focus beyond the 3R of Reading, aRithmetic and wRiting. At Axcel International School, we strongly advocate developing the right Attitude, while acquiring Skills essential in a fast-changing world and always eager to gain new Knowledge.

In light of this, we integrate both the Cambridge curriculum and the Singapore curriculum to provide a broad, balanced and progressive education for our students. Each lesson content of these curricula is well-designed and well-organised with creative activities to guide students step-by-step in their learning journey. Both the curricula are also constantly adapting the lessons to be flexible for teachers to conduct and differentiate the lessons for diverse learning abilities in the classroom. Both the curricula provide active learning experiences for our students to interact and bond with others. Therefore, it is common to find discussions on worldwide topics and critical thinking on lesson topics, despite the ages and abilities of the students. We are thus striving to develop our students’ passion for life-long learning.

Holistic Assessment

We believe learning flourishes with holistic assessment as part in a child’s learning journey. We adopt different forms of assessment throughout our classes, to make an informed progress of each student. One of which is formative assessment. It is an ongoing assessment throughout the year to help students identify their strengths and areas for improvement, and teachers could then constantly address any challenges faced by the students. Thus, interactive activities such as answering questions on the whiteboard, group discussions to raise questions and show understanding of a topic are common in our classrooms. Also, not to forget we take up summative assessment as well. With this assessment, we evaluate student learning at the end of a unit in different ways which includes quizzes and projects other than the usual final exam. Finally, observation is permeated throughout our lessons and assessments. Adding observation into the paper assessment, we acquire a more complete progress of our students. In addition, we have a system of positive behaviour management in place to reward positive behaviour and address disruptive behaviour, motivating them to lead an excellent life by independently displaying positive values and character.

Axcel Primary Programmes

Axcel Primary Programmes are designed to nurture well-rounded children who are also morally, socially and emotionally competent. ‘Character determines success’ is firmly believed in at our school. Character First is a programme that stresses character building and emotional management. Financial Intelligence exposes our students to the invention of money and the business world, guiding them to be financially ethical. Little Scientist is another amazing programme, not only to introduce STEM but most importantly to instill patience and determination in all explorations. Also, in ‘Everyone can Present’, all students are encouraged to present in various class assignments to boost their confidence in speaking confidently to wider audience.

All in all, these endeavours are made to create opportunities for our students to practice the knowledge, core values and skills that they acquire in school, and receive immediate responses to their attitude and behaviour. This is all because we aspire to inspire our students throughout their fundamental years with a holistic, creative and flexible education!