Global Recognition

IGCSE is currently being offered in private international schools and independent schools in over 120 countries. IGCSE certificate is being recognized by all major universities and colleges. It also satisfies the entry requirement of institutions and universities in many countries. Therefore, students may enter university after finishing IGCSE. Nevertheless, majority of them still prefer to continue to A-Level.

Student is awarded with one IGCSE certificate on each subject. If you take 5 subjects, you will be awarded 5 IGCSE certificates. The number of subjects need to be taken is varied from school to school, and also depends upon individual preference.

When a student achieves a minimum 5 credits in the IGCSE (more would be better) he/she is qualified to apply to any of the following:

  • Study for the A Levels exams, and thereafter apply to enter most private universities locally, or any university in Commonwealth countries (UK, Australia, etc) as well as America
  • Sign up for a pre-university course at most private universities locally, and thereafter, proceed to a degree programme locally or abroad
  • Enrol in an American university to begin a 4-year degree programme


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