Physical Education and Sports

For Physical Education and Sports, we engage professional instructors to teach the correct techniques and rules in playing sports competitively. Different sports such as Chi-Running, badminton, basketball, dogdeball and others have been and will be introduced on a periodic basis; all conducted at selected sports facilities nearby.
On our own campus grounds, students enjoy fun play of basketball and futsal.

  • We provide professional coaching for sports like basketball, badminton, dodgeball, futsal, running etc. during our PE to students. The below shows students started their PE class for dodgeball under the coaching by our national players who won the world championship 😎👍

Students are trained by professional coach for each type of ball games.

  • We encourage our students to participate in inter-school athletic competition to build confidence and a sense of bonding amongst the peer. Such exposure is beneficial to our students’ development. Kudos to the boy in winning 2nd place at the Futsal competition during the Erudite Academy Annual Sports Day. Facebook link

  • Every year we will organize annual game day for students to give in their best and cultivate sportsmanship and fair play

  • Health is the key led to successful life