Student Clubs Activities 2021

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January 28, 2021
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Student Clubs Activities 2021


Axcel Student Clubs helps students to develop their passion and interests outside of textbooks, below are some new club activities capture in year 2021 both happens physically and digitally.

❤️Surviving skills club❤️
Election of committee members.
Activity: Students took part in the “Can You Pass This Basic Survival Quiz?” to test out their knowledge of survival skill.


💵Entrepreneur Club💵
Unboxing video (video marketing)
Online shopping is becoming more popular than ever in this decade. However, online competition is stiff as there are increasingly more people selling their products online. One effective way to promote your product online is through video marketing. In our club, students are taught how to create an unboxing video for a product.



The landscaping cloud will guide students on how to grow own plants from seeds, to germinate the seed and transplant seedling into pots which students create and decorate themselves. The club will also guide students in learning the art of folding origami flowers online so that we can make origami flower bouquet to beautify a table. Further activities in consideration also involve guiding and teaching club members to dry and age flowers and plants to be used as table and living room decorations



❤️Dance Club❤️AGM
-Dance Challenge and Ice Breaking



❤️ICT Club❤️
-Briefing on ICT activities



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