Jan 2022 Intake – Primary & Secondary International School
(Early Bird Discount on Registration Fee!)

Primary (A.S.K. beyond basic foundation)
Looking for International Primary School with focus on both global languages of English and Mandarin? Affordable fee- promotional fees at RM900 per month only!

Secondary (A.S.K beyond Academic Excellence)
Looking for Secondary International School with Cambridge IGCSE?
Affordable fees at about RM1,200 per month

Registration open for January 2022 Intake- limited seats available!
Send in your enquiry for 2022 Primary/ Secondary Admission Here or Whatsapp us at 0162218795
Click here (Articles & Stories) to find out more about our school – Axcel International School aims to provide an holistic education that will cater both the needs of academic success and also life-skills for out students to take on future challenges. We incorporate life skills such as financial intelligence, pitching skills, creativity and problem solving into our unique Axcel program. We aim to blend in theoretical study with project based learning in order to ensure students’ active participation in class.

We are proud to share that we have been successfully switching between online classes and in-person schooling without causing any disruption to our studetns’ studies, in fact they learned and exposed to more digital skills during this period. The use of technology is pervasive in Axcel International School, and you can find out more here about our Online Classes. Year 2021 signify another milestone for Axcel that we accept our first batch of our primary students since we obtained our international school status in year 2019.

Focus on Attitude, Skills & Knowledge

We are now open for Primary School Enrolment 2022