Axcel Campus Club Program

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March 27, 2019
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March 27, 2019
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Axcel Campus Club Program

We recently set up 7 different student clubs that are beyond academic disciplines. These clubs aim to develop important life skills such as leadership, confidence and teamwork. The activities offer an opportunity for the students to interact with others with similar interests and potentially build friendships outside of their academic circle. The clubs are aimed to broaden students’ perspective of the world and connect them to the real world.

Next Futurist Club
Students had fun about learning and making their own rockets 🚀 during the club meeting.

Philanthropy Club
1) collecting recycable items
2) Do-it-yourself grouping
3) coming up competitions: Latern making & Scenery canvas drawing
4) Year end visit: Down syndrome children home, SPCA’

ICT Club
We did an hour of code using code combat. Learning how to write code and logic while exploring mazes and fighting enemies. Students get to play and learn at the same time.

Entrepreneur Club
In the entrepreneur club, the students are taught on how to calculate profit and losses and to pick their item that they want to sell. They are all excited and are all planning their strategy for the coming “buy my item” competition to be held in school from 4th to 15th March

Culinary and Landscaping Club
Students learned to make arrowhead root chips. They did everything on their own from buying the ingredients, slicing and deep-frying the arrowhead root. Some students even seasoned their chips with spices

Speech and Drama Club
1.Started of with electing the committee members
2.Briefing on performance for Chinese New Year (choir)
3.Telephone game

🎨✏️Art. Design. Media Club📸🎬
Students Board Nomination and students learned the basics of how to make a music video. Students divided into group and have the brainstorm ideas for the video. Students list several devices used to make a music video and understand some of the elements that go into making a quality production.

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