Axcel Campus Inspark – Orientation Week

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October 25, 2016
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Axcel Campus Inspark – Orientation Week

Axcel Campus welcome our students to Axcel’s Inspark Week, a thoughtfully planned orientation program designed to ensure that each of the students will have a successful transition into the new school environment. “InSpark” is a Swedish word used in the Orientation Week, aim to hold a variety of events to orient and welcome new students.

These specifically designed activities will go a long way in igniting the students’ excitement and enthusiasm which are intended to ensure their success in this school. The activities include team-building activities, “Leader in Me”, Growth Mindset, student learning styles, introduction to “7 Effective Habits”, students’ performance, introduction to Axcel Programme among others. Students are advised to step out of their comfort zone, be open-minded and receptive to new ideas and information received throughout this week.

During the team-building event, the students are engaged with designated activities to connect to each other under the theme “bond-to-win”. Axcel Campus strive to cultivate the bonding and friendship among the students during their teenager time, which will be something valuable that the students will carry with them through the rest of their life.

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