Next Futurist

Next Futurist Programme

“Be creative. Innovate consistently on the little things that the big company ignores. Little things often make big differences in business.”

Richard Branson

Learning Objectives:

a) Cultivate innovative and creative mind-set among the students;
b) Discuss new ideas and innovation
c) Analyse trends for the future


Proposed Approach:

• The programme is one period (50 mins), twice a month (expected about 15 classes per year)
• Facilitator to choose the theme for the week
• Students could work individually, in pair or in group based on the theme
• Facilitator role is to act as facilitator in the class, stimulate discussion and expand mind-set of the students
• Students to prepare relevant materials and present/submit their findings


Following theme could be picked for the week:

i) Topic-based

Facilitator to select a topic for discussion. For example, theme is Future transport.
Facilitator briefs about historical and current transport method, e.g. from bicycle, car, aeroplane, LRT etc.
Students to be divided into groups. They will brainstorm on the topic that they will focus on. Eg could be Electric car (Tesla), driverless car (Google), outer space (Space X, Virgin Galactic), super-sonic plane etc.
Students will research more on the topic selected.
Prepare presentation materials, including slides and talking points.
The group will work as a team where they delegate work such as researcher, slide preparation, notes preparation, present as a team where each one takes turn to present. Every team member needs to play a role.


ii) Sector based

Facilitator to select certain sector, open for students to choose the products that they want to showcase


iii) Open style

Students can choose any topics that interest them.


iv) “Anything new?”

Students are required to look for anything interesting or innovative every week.
They would upload to their LMS or Facebook, whether video or article link etc.
Put a few points on why they think it is interesting and what problems it solved
Students can vote /like every one’s upload.
Students with the most like/vote will win some prizes

  • 🌀The best way to predict the future is to create it. – Peter Drucker🌀