Character First

We strongly believe that the right Attitude and Mindset is the foundation for every success. As a school that is committed to character development, Axcel Campus incorporates character education into our curriculum. Character traits taught are then accentuated through providing meaningful character building experiences for our students. For instance, in emulating Japanese schools, students in Axcel Campus are allocated duties to serve lunch, clean up after themselves and continue their cleaning duties by keeping their classrooms and school hallways clean. Students are taught to treat everyone with kindness and respect besides learning to establish and maintain positive relationships with others. We aim to integrate character development into every aspect of school life.

Some examples of characters in Character First Program that we instill to the students:
Students learnt to work together and be determined to walk from the starting point to the ending point by holding a ball in between of their arm.

Students learnt to spot different emoticons on the cards. They were trained to care about people’s emotion.

Students shared about something they are grateful for based on the colour they chose when the music stop.

Students learnt to control themselves through music hula hoop.