Pitching Skill

Pitching Skill

Pitching a key skill to succeed in the real world

“Pitching right can mean half of the battle is already won.”

Wynce Low

Pitching skill is not just about presentation. Successful pitching goes beyond good communication. It is about presenting with clarity and confidence; preparing slides and proposals that grab one’s attention; being able to engage upward, downward and laterally; and lastly, listening effectively.


Our pitching workshop intends to cover presentation skill, marketing ~ persuasive skill and communication skill.


Our approach include but not limited to the following:

  • Identifying Your Passion? Explore and Declare Your Idea!
  • What Makes a Great Idea…Great?
  • Presentation techniques
  • Capturing presentation on video and audio
  • Real time Presentations: Your Idea Worth Spreading
  • Listening and evaluating: Watch Your Recorded Presentations
  • Upload and Nominate Your Presentation
  • Collaborate with global connectivity


Pitching is a universal skill that is critical to whatever our children choose to do in future. Those with this skill can land their dream job or kick-start a start-up by getting funding from investors. Pitching right can mean half of the battle is already won.

Axcel Campus also participate in the TED Ed Club program

We worked with seasoned toastmaster to facilitate youth speaker program for our students.