Preview of TRIZ (Theory of the Resolution of Invention-Related Tasks)

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May 23, 2016
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Preview of TRIZ (Theory of the Resolution of Invention-Related Tasks)

W e are pleased to have Mr. Tan Eng Hoo, Vice President of the Malaysia TRIZ Innovation Association (MyTRIZ) to conduct two sessions of TRIZ preview events for parents of our student today. In each of the session, Eng Hoo has shared the current education system dilemma and how TRIZ can help our students to use inventive thinking method for problem solving. Creativity and ability of asking the right question is of paramount importance for our student to resolve real life problem using various TRIZ techniques, for intance, divergent thinking. Eng Hoo has successfully demonstrated each of the scenario with interactive activities with the parents for better comprehension of the concept.

Axcel Campus in partnership with the Malaysia TRIZ Innovation Association (MyTRIZ) is organizing this preview to introduce the method of teaching creative and innovative thinking. It is an appreciation of the link between the theoretical and practical aspects of knowledge creation for both the business and education system.

The TRIZ 4 Parents is a special 2-hour preview for parents who are keen to impart the thinking skills to children. The preview will cover the following:

  • Introduction to methodology
  • Techniques to develop Critical Thinking using the Arts of Asking Questions
  • Technique to develop Creative Thinking using the Development of Creative Imaginations
  • Having fun with solving Open Problems
  • Next steps and learning opportunities

The program is based on TRIZ, known as the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving is a powerful methodology and a set of tools derived from the study of patterns of invention. It is a structured problem solving and systematic innovation methodology that has been used across industries and sciences. The subject of creativity and innovation is important to our kids to enhance their skills and techniques in solving real life problem.

Kindly note the above is only a preview or introduction given the limited time available.

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  1. chris says:

    Enquiry above the school fee. How much of tuition fees and all the misc charge included meal per year for year 7?

    Sport activity. ex. Swimming class, badminton ( any participate tournament), cheerleading? outsider coach or assisting teachers to guide them?

    Thank you.

    Chris leng

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