A.S.K, Vision and Mission

A.S.K, Vision and Mission

Our tagline “A.S.K. beyond academic excellence” epitomises our focus – not just academic. “A.S.K.” signifies Attitude, Skills and Knowledge.

At Axcel International School, we strongly advocate developing the right Attitude. the most important trait, while acquiring Skills especially life skills essential in a fast-changing world. Last but not least is always learn and gain new Knowledge.

Besides individual development, we believe learners must grow emotionally and socially through activities and support provided by the dedicated, caring and professional Pastoral Team.

Developing futuristic generation beyond academics with holistic street smart & book smart education, embrace global connectivity yet grounded in ethical values.

  1. Inspire creativity among learners and to acquire practical and relevant life skills
  2. Resourceful in embracing digital age technologies in order to cultivate a global mindset
  3. Empower on-site and virtual tutors who are enthusiastic and determined in developing future leaders
  4. Seek to develop teachers and pupils with a sense of compassion for others and the boldness to act on their beliefs
  5. Strives to provide an affordable learning experience to all

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