Welcome to Axcel Primary School

Virtual Team building for Axcel Teachers
January 28, 2021
Mentor Sharing Program – Samuel Kim (Founding President, Center for AsiaLeadership, Boston, USA)
February 10, 2021
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Welcome to Axcel Primary School

🎒On the very first day of school, Axcel primary students were welcomed with songs and dances. Students were provided with extra boost of necessary skills for online classes. They were also able to engage in interactive book discussion activities.
🔺Most importanty, rules with regards to safety and SOP were emphasised throughout the school day.
😄It was exciting to see all students enjoying themselves on that very first day.

💥Inspark week – a week to kickstart students’ passion for learning💥
🌸Axcel Primary School’s orientation week started off with exciting games and activities. All students and teachers went through giggles and sniggles in all activities. Our students were also equipped with the essential knowledge of SOP and school rules through interactive briefing🌸
2021 Inspark week for Axcel Primary School ended with smiles from all students and teachers☺️

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