Young Photographers Program @ KLPF (Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival)

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September 3, 2019
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September 3, 2019
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Young Photographers Program @ KLPF (Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival)

“Young Photographers Program” is a community educational project of KLPF. In the past year, KLPF organized creativity development photography workshops in more than 16 schools, sharing photography knowledge, offering outdoor practicals and work reviews. This program culminates in a photo exhibition at the KLPF 2019 and student representatives will share their photography experiences.

❤️Congratulations to Chan Yi Xuan been selected as one of the student representatives for this year event to share her photography experiences.❤️She and her friends had took part at Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival KLPF from 23rd – 25th August at Viva Hall Expo, 11am to 9pm.

Yi Xuan had subsequently went for a pre-recording for a 8TV chinese programme (活力加油站) at Sri Pentas Media Prima, Bandar Utama for being an avid photographer
Broadcast time: 2 pm, 16 Aug 19 (Friday), 8tv

Other Axcel Campus young photographers whom had took part:
1. Amanda Chan
2. Chan Yi Huey
3. Natalie Low
4. Chan Jia Ming
5. Chua Le Yang
6. Ivan Chin
7. Khoo Ee Jack
8. Ng Yan Bin
9. Tan Ding Heng
10. Wong Yi Xian
11. Chai Zhen You
12. Chole Pang
13. Darius Pu
14. Rachel Yip
15. Tai Chun Wei
16. Yow Zong You
17. Alvin Lim
18. Chan Yi Xuan
19. Emily Yeong
20. Marcus Wong
21. Tan Bin
22. Yong Zhen Dong

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